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The Pinnacle approach to pre-college test prep involves review of both ACT and SAT test content and structure, including strategies that are correlated with improved test outcomes over time. Given the recent announcement that Colorado public schools are sticking with the ACT this spring after all, more ACT material will be covered; however, the tests are now more alike than different, and we will cover the changes to the SAT that do NOT parallel the ACT.

Two types of test prep are offered, both calibrated to the April testing period:

1 – Individual tutoring is priced at the rate of $80/hour and scheduled by appointment, ideally with a regular day and time. Smaller “pods” of friends co-enrolled in tutoring can sometimes be arranged for a savings on the hourly rate.

2 – Eight-week Classes beginning the weekend of Feb 20-21 (students select either Sat or Sun). The rate per student for the class format is $750, the most cost-conscious choice:

Saturdays 11 a.m./Sundays 2 p.m.

Feb 20 Sat     Wk 1     Feb 21 Sun

Feb 27 Sat     Wk 2     Feb 28 Sun

Mar 5 Sat      Wk 3     Mar 6 Sun

Mar 12 Sat     Wk 4    Mar 13 Sun

Mar 19 Sat     Wk 5     Mar 20 Sun

Mar 26            Break    Mar 27 

April 2  Sat     Wk 6     April 2 Sun

April 9 Sat      Wk 7      April 10 Sun

April 16 Sat     Wk 8     April 17 Sun

Classes are capped at 6 students, allowing for lots of individual attention. Each class will last from 1.5 – 2 hours, and Dr. Ransdell will be available for brief individual meetings just prior to and following each class. Over the eight weeks we will complete and review four full ACT tests and segments of the new SAT. Homework is assigned each week with the exception of Week 8.

Dr. Lisa Ransdell leads the classes and tutoring sessions. She is a 30-year faculty member and former higher-education administrator who supervised university academic support programs at three institutions. She is assisted in math and science by Chris Mayers, a 2015 BS graduate in Math-Physics from CU-Denver.


Required Materials Required text for both the class and individual meetings (you must purchase):         The Real ACT Prep Guide, 3rd Edition (the red book), published 2016, available from Amazon for $20.53

Dr. Ransdell will provide the SAT materials that are used as a part of the cost of the class

Students should bring their graphing calculator to each class meeting

Missed Sessions/Cancellation Charges: Students will be instructed on how to make up missed classes, and Lisa will meet with the student to review their make-up work one time; students who miss more than once will be instructed on how to make up the absence, but there will be no additional personal meetings. There are no refunds for missed class sessions.

Students doing 1-on-1 sessions and pods must provide 24 hours notice in order not to be charged for the missed session.

Location of Classes and Meetings: Dr. Lisa’s Home Office near the University of Denver:

2244 S. Franklin Street, Denver, 80210

Test Prep Outcomes: Specific scores cannot and will not be guaranteed, although the majority of students who attend and participate actively along with completing the required out of class assignments see progressively improving cumulative scores more than 90% of the time.

Other Questions, contact Dr. Lisa (email is best): Lisa Ransdell, Ph.D.

Pinnacle Education Consulting

303-635-6620 office; 720-985-3300 cell



CBS-DENVER online review: Pinnacle College Planning is the brainchild of Dr. Lisa Ransdell, an educator with a particularly impressive background. With credits at the University of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denison University and The Ohio State University, it’s clear that Dr. Ransdell has the credentials needed to help your student do his or her very best on the SAT and ACT. There are a few different formats in which she offers her test prep. Small group prep in a classroom setting and one-on-one tutoring is available at the Pinnacle office near the University of Denver.