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ACT Classes: right now we are only doing 1-on-1 prep at the rate of $55/hour; our next anticipated class will be Feb 2015

CBS-DENVER online review: Pinnacle College Planning is the brainchild of Dr. Lisa Ransdell, an educator with a particularly impressive background. With credits at the University of Denver, Metropolitan State College of Denver, Denison University, and Ohio State University, it’s clear that Dr. Ransdell has the credentials needed to help your student do his or her very best on the SAT and ACT. There are a few different formats in which she offers her test prep. Small group prep in a classroom setting and one-on-one tutoring is available at the Pinnacle office near the University of Denver.

Although some college are “test-optional” these days, and don’t require submission of ACT or SAT scores, the majority of schools still closely scrutinize test scores as a part of their admission process. Therefore testing outcomes can be quite consequential, including serving as a leading factor in the awarding of non-need based aid. What is the key to scoring well on the ACT or SAT tests? Practice, practice, and with instructors who truly know the tests!

Pinnacle is offering three small ACT prep classes capped at six students each this spring. Juniors seeking help preparing for the April Colorado ACT who want maximum prep time can sign up for Saturdays or Sundays at 2 p.m. These classes have a staggered start and end April 19/20 (12 hours each w/different lengths, see schedule below). Each class meeting includes test administration, review, and coverage of test-taking strategies. A shorter four-week series (2-hour meetings, for a total of 8 hours) runs from March 29 to April 19.

Pinnacle’s test prep classes are led by Dr. Lisa Ransdell, a college professor and former higher education administrator with 30 years of experience, and Sean McGowan, a Princeton and CU-educated Civil Engineer.

Over the course of the 8- and 6-week classes we will complete & review three full ACT exams (2 exams in the 4-week course). Most segments will be timed, so that students can learn strategies for managing the time limits of the actual test. Students will be assisted with making up missed sessions should this occur.


Sat 11 a.m. Class                        Sat 2 p.m. class                        Sun 2 p.m. class

(4-wk, 8-hr class)                     (8-wk, 12-hr class)                 (6-wk, 12-hr class)

****                                                  Feb 22 (1.5 hr mtgs)                         ****

****                                                  Mar 1                                                  ****

****                                                  Mar 8                                                  Mar 9 (2 hr mtgs)

****                                                  Mar 15                                                 Mar 16

****                                                  Mar 22                                                Mar 23

Mar 29 (1st meeting)                     Break – no meeting                         Break day

Apr 5                                                 Apr 5                                                   Apr 6

Apr 12                                               Apr 12                                                 Apr 13

Apr 19                                               Apr 19                                                 Apr 20

<<Required book (bring to 1st class): The Real ACT Prep Guide, 3rd edition>>

Cost for the class: $480 (8-weeks); $360 (4-weeks)

A few slots are open on for one-on-one ACT tutoring at the rate of $55/hour with either Lisa or Sean. To register for an ACT Class please email or call: /303-635-6620. SAT review is on an hourly basis only; no classes are scheduled at this time.

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