Top Entrepreneurship Programs for Undergrads

Many students interested in collegiate business programs and careers in business these days have an interest in entrepreneurship, which is the creative pursuit of innovation and opportunity in the business world, and a bit different from the traditional business subjects of marketing, management, accounting, etc.

In response, a number of schools have developed and become known for excellent entrepreneurship programs. According to, here are 12 of the best in the nation. I have added location and total undergraduate enrollment info:

Top Entrepreneurship Programs

#1 -U of Houston, Houston, TX: 30,688

#2 -Babson College, Babson Park, MA: 2007

#3 – Baylor U, Waco, TX: 12,575

#4 – Syracuse U, Syracuse, NY: 14,201

#5 -U of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA: 17,380

#6 – Washington U, St Louis, MO: 7239

#7 – Brigham Young U, Provo, UT: 30,684

#8 – U of Arizona, Tucson, AR: 30,665

#9 – Northeastern U, Boston, MA: 15,905

#10 – U of Oklahoma, Norman, OK: 20,892

#11 – Temple U, Philadelphia, PA: 27,702

# 12 – U of Dayton, Dayton, OH: 7843

In Colorado, entrepreneurship certificates can be earned in undergraduate business programs at CU-Boulder, Colorado State U, the University of Denver, and Colorado Christian University.

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