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Expert guidance in all aspects of college planning for high school students and families in the Denver area.

As an experienced private college counselor with extensive background in higher education, I can save students and families time, angst, and money by doing much of the legwork involved in college planning, by utilizing my professional expertise and contacts, and by sharing important resources.

Q: Why consider working with an independent educational consultant (IEC) on college planning for your college-bound daughter or son?

A – Because most Colorado high schools are significantly above the student-counselor ratio recommended by the American School Counselor Association (250-1), with a state-wide average ratio of 553-1.

B – Because college planning is more complex and high stakes than ever, especially at selective colleges. (At the 20 most selective colleges in the U.S. acceptance rates average just 12.65%)

C – Because the majority of parents simply don’t have the time to be deeply involved in the process due to demanding careers and busy lives.

D – Because expert help is available from an ethical, caring college counseling professional who stays on top of the latest developments and opportunities in the world of higher education.

E – all of the above (CORRECT!)

How helpful might it be in this time of increased competition and multiple options to have your own personal guide and support person for the process of making a successful and enjoyable transition to college?

With 20 years in higher education administration and 30+ years of college teaching experience to draw on, Dr. Lisa Ransdell has a vast knowledge base regarding student success in college – including extensive background in teaching, advising, assessing, assisting and encouraging college students. Moreover, she offers the advantage of extensive inside knowledge of higher education paired with the advocacy orientation that can only come from someone who is not an institutional representative.

Lisa launched her comprehensive practice, Pinnacle Education Consulting, in 2007. Since then she has helped all kinds of Denver area students with successful and relatively stress-free college and applications. Schedule a free initial appointment and learn what Lisa can do for you!

Contact: 303-635-6620