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Dear Parent:

The profession of independent education consulting (also called college planning) is increasingly well established nationwide, and for good reasons. If you are seeking college advising support, let me share why you might want to review my college planning services–and more importantly, why my fees typically more than pay for themselves:

1 – Most Denver area high schools are well above recommended high school counselor caseloads. The American School Counselor Association recommends that each counselor at a school be assigned no more than 250 students. However, the average caseload at Colorado schools is 553:1. This means that even if your daughter or son attends a top rated public school, she or he will probably receive RELATIVELY LITTLE personalized attention in the process. Private schools do better, but still many families appreciate the additional help and expertise I can provide:

  • My caseload at present is less than a tenth of the ASCA recommendation. I carry a lower caseload because I want to give each of the clients in my practice my full attention and treat them as individuals — with unique strengths, interests, and needs.

2 – High school counselors typically receive minimal training on the nuances of college planning in most Masters’ degree programs in educational counseling, especially on the financial side of planning.  Don’t get me wrong; some of them are quite knowledgeable, and most have helped hundreds of students get into college. However, my goal is to find colleges that are the best fit and at the best price for my clients. Why am I so confident in my abilities as a college planner?

  • I have worked in higher education for 30+ years: as a faculty member, and as an administrator specializing in college student success and retention—so I always begin with the end in mind, focusing on schools where my clients will be likely to have a good experience and complete a useful degree within four years. The following are among my most relevant past positions in higher education administration:
    • Dean of First Year Students, Denison University (Granville, OH)
    • Director of Academic Advising, Metropolitan State University of Denver
    • Assistant Provost for Student Life, University of Denver
    • When I launched my education consulting practice in 2007 I completed a comprehensive certificate program with the Independent Education Consultants Association, and commenced ongoing continuing education and college visitations at an intense pace. I regularly follow the top tier of U.S. colleges, and visit an average of 15 schools per year, all across the U.S.
    • For the past year much of the focus of my professional development has been on the financial side of college planning. I am now very knowledgeable about schools that are more generous with students, and ways of maximizing aid and minimizing loans. This is why I know my fees represent money well spent!

3 – Many parents worry that they don’t have the time or expertise to help their child much with college applications. Additionally, doing so often exacerbates conflicts with the student. Bringing a professional on board frees you to enjoy the process, and this time in the life of your family.