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  • Advisement on high school enrollment & extracurricular activities
  • Research and list building based on student profile & interests
  • Admissions application review (preview of each application prior to submission)
  • Application Timeline Management
  • Essay development and editing leading to polished, standout essays
  • Financial aid advisement and scholarship search; review of all financial aid offers and options; guidance on appealing aid decisions
  • ACT-SAT in-depth review and preparation
  • Academic major & career assessment with report
  • College visit itinerary planning
  • Interview preparation
  • Freshman year transition counseling
  • Free 1-hour initial consultation.


Depending on your family’s needs and situation I offer packages and options that fit most budgets. These range from my full comprehensive package including all of the above services to unique mini-packages (such as my $1000 retainer special), hourly work and test prep classes.

I strive to keep my fees below those of other Denver-area educational consultants with similar credentials and years of relevant experience.

Email for my fee structure sheet:

4 thoughts on “Services & Fees”

  1. Hello. As we work to prepare our 16-year-old son for the future, we are considering moving him from public to private high school. He was diagnosed with ADHD as a sophomore – at this point we have the condition stabilized and his grades have improved exponentially. He is a skilled soccer player who was cut from his high school team this past fall due to historic academic ineligibility, something that has taken a serious toll on him. It has been suggested to us that we explore the possibility of having him repeat his junior and senior years at a school that will offer high level academics and a caliber of soccer that might afford him scholarship at college. We would be interested to know if / how you might be able to guide us through this research, what our private school options in the Denver area might be, and how to make a potential decision. Thank you!

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  3. We are interest in your college application, planning, etc. services. Do you have one flat fee for this? If so, what is the cost?


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