The Circle of Life … in College Planning

At this time of year I am acutely aware of cycles and the continuity in life in general as winter threatens to drag on forever (we know it won’t!), but also in my profession of college planning.  This year’s seniors are mostly done applying; some have received early responses and others await those fat or thin envelopes in the mail with their news of joy or disappointment. I am also following up with last year’s seniors to hear how the first term of college went and how that chosen college is panning out. Finally, I am receiving inquiries from some of this year’s crop of high school junior parents who are beginning to realize that it just might be helpful to solicit some extra assistance with the whole complicated, intimidating process that is about to take on a life of its own.

I love every bit of the cycle, and take great pleasure in helping to explain and simplify the various processes involved in college planning. Guiding students and parents to opportunities and resources that expand the joy and reduce the angst is what it’s all about for me.