Employment Prospects for New College Grads

I just read an encouraging piece from the Dow Jones Newswires which states that 2012 college grads will face improved employment prospects compared with grads from the last few years. The lower national rate of unemployment and the improving economy are thought to be stimulating hiring, although competition is still intense.

College majors with the best hiring prospects:

The hiring outlook was said to be best in the following fields: accounting and finance, engineering, computer science, marketing, education, health care, and social services. This is certainly welcome news.

A well-chosen minor, and an internship can make a difference!

My own advice: college students can further improve their prospects by taking additional coursework (electives or perhaps a minor) in areas that add marketable skills to those associated with their degree, whatever it might be. Examples include foreign language study to the point of relative fluency, grant writing, and web design. Also I can’t stress enough how important it is to complete an internship or two that relates to your academic major while you are attending college. Graduates who can boast real-world experience are miles ahead of their fellow students who only have academic credentials, and occasionally an internship leads to a job offer.