College Acceptances of Recent Clients

Most application outcomes have now come in and I’m enormously pleased to report where recent clients were accepted and/or are attending. Here is the list of college acceptances of clients of Pinnacle Education Consulting:

Alabama U

Arizona U

Arizona State U

Auburn U

Baylor U

British Columbia U

Chicago U

Colorado U

Colorado State U

Denver U

Gonzaga U

High Point U

Kansas U

Louisiana State U

Marist College

Michigan U

Montana U

Montana State U

Nebraska U

North Carolina U

Northwestern U

Ohio State U

Oregon U

Oregon State U

Penn State U

Philadelphia U

Purdue U

Santa Clara U

Swarthmore College

Texas A&M U

University of Southern California

Villanova U

Virginia U

Washington University St. Louis

I am so proud and so pleased for these wonderful young people with whom I have had the privilege of working, and I wish each of them the very best! (Note: of course, some clients applied to and were accepted by multiple schools.)



Worthwhile Models: 3+2 Programs

I’ve been excited to see that quite a number of colleges have made special arrangements with other institutions that permit flexibility and cost savings for students.

One great model is the 3+2. This type of set-up can permit a student to attend, for example, a favored liberal arts college for completion of prescribed general education requirements (for a period of three years), and then transfer to another institution for a final two years of intensive, specialized study in the major.  Many liberal arts colleges have established a relationship with larger schools with engineering programs.

Some examples include Beloit College in Wisconsin, which has arrangements with Columbia University and Washington University, St Louis, as well as Kalamazoo College in Michigan, which features arrangements with the University of Michigan and Wash U. There are many more of these to explore and consider. At the end of the prescribed program the student has two degrees: one from the liberal arts college, and one from the engineering program school.

My favorite 3+2 is offered by Stephens College, in Columbia, MO, a historic women’s college. They now offer a partnership with Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA leading to completion of the MPA (physician’s assistant) graduate degree. This program affords a quality experience at two fine institutions in interesting areas of the country as well as two valuable degrees, with the graduate ready to begin working in her field at the end of five years. What a super concept!