College Acceptances of Recent Clients

Most application outcomes have now come in and I’m enormously pleased to report where recent clients were accepted and/or are attending. Here is the list of college acceptances of clients of Pinnacle Education Consulting:

Alabama U

Arizona U

Arizona State U

Auburn U

Baylor U

British Columbia U

Chicago U

Colorado U

Colorado State U

Denver U

Gonzaga U

High Point U

Kansas U

Louisiana State U

Marist College

Michigan U

Montana U

Montana State U

Nebraska U

North Carolina U

Northwestern U

Ohio State U

Oregon U

Oregon State U

Penn State U

Philadelphia U

Purdue U

Santa Clara U

Swarthmore College

Texas A&M U

University of Southern California

Villanova U

Virginia U

Washington University St. Louis

I am so proud and so pleased for these wonderful young people with whom I have had the privilege of working, and I wish each of them the very best! (Note: of course, some clients applied to and were accepted by multiple schools.)